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Harli Salazar


Hi I'm Harli and I feel you mama.  After being a stay at home mother for 7 years l am now stepping into my calling as a Certified Transformational Lifecoach. I'm someone who will help you uncover and challenge the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your dream life.

One of my greatest gifts as a coach is my ability to see and cultivate the gold inside of my clients.  The gifts that only you were meant to bring to this world.  I will help you remember the you that gets you excited!  

And together we will find ways for you to finally take care of your mind, body and spirit in a way you may not have thought was possible during motherhood.  But it is! And I've learned personally that self care is the key that will unlock the door to a life with less stress, overwhelm and feelings of inadequacy.

Think we may be a good fit? Fill out the form below to apply for a Free 50 minute Sanity Session.
I literally can't wait to meet you! 

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The Work

SELF CARE is at the heart of my coaching for Mothers, who in the shadow of caregiving have often not claimed their own right to be WELL IN MIND, BODY & SPIRIT

 I will hold you ACCOUNTABLE for taking care of yourself because  when we become mothers we give our light and energy ALL. DAY. LONG.

 If we don't REFUEL we are RUNNING ON EMPTY and heading towards BURNOUT, which is the opposite of a present and satisfying life.

Self Care is NOT A LUXURY, and when you experience the difference it makes for you and your family, you will never forsake it again.

Our connection and work will also allow you to Shift Your Mindset, lifting your perspective from the mundane practices of everyday parenting to help you practice Gratitude and Presence in your life. 

RETURNING TO YOUR ALIGNMENT WITH SELF will allow you to reconnect with the power and energy that will fuel any endeavor you dream of. 

But you must make the time and prioritize YOURSELF.  And working with me is the first step on a JOURNEY BACK TO YOU.

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Who I work with 

You love your kids, really you do.  But you've been running on empty for a while now and you know SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT. Your days are likely bookended with coffee and wine and your SENSE OF OVERWHELM IS REAL. An ache of loneliness pulses within you even though you are  surrounded by little ones. 

But there is also a part of you who is ready.  READY TO CHOOSE HEALTHIER COPING MECHANISMS and commit to creating time that is JUST. FOR. YOU. 

You may also feel something brewing inside that needs to be expressed and are looking for a safe and nonjudgmental space to explore and move towards your dreams outside of the home.  Finally, you yearn for tools that will help you keep perspective and EMBRACE A STATE OF GRATITUDE. 

This sound like you mama? Then let's do this! Fill out the form below to apply for a Free 50 minute Sanity Session with me! 

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About Me

Harli Salazar has always been drawn to healing work.  She has a BA in Psychology from the University of Vermont and studied Massage Therapy at the Swedish Institute in NYC for which she was licensed.  After a career specializing in prenatal massage in luxury spas she made the conscious decision to stay at home with her two boys in Brooklyn for 7+ years. While she enjoyed much of this precious time,  she also suffered post-partum mood disorders and a loss of self.  After self-medicating with food and alcohol for years, her suffering sent her on a journey of self-exploration to sobriety and wellness and has culminated in her certification as a Diamond Process Transformational Life Coach. It is her intention to reach out and help usher mothers who are experiencing similar challenges through to more peace and joy.  Through her coaching practice and Youtube Channel she communes with other women and creates a space of healing, acceptance, inspiration and empowerment.

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Release & Reclaim

A Mother's Journey Back to                  SELF

3 Month Program

  • 90 min Soul Embark Session​​

  • 3 Private Sacred Sanity Sessions Every Month to support you in your alignment with Self

  • VIP Voxer access so you don't waste time in overwhelm and instantly come back to peace

Realign & Refocus

Create the Life YOU were Meant for

6 Month Program

  • 90 Minute Soul Embark Session

  • 3 Private Sacred Sanity Sessions Every Month to keep you Aligned with your Vision

  • VIP Voxer access so you don't revert back to fearful thinking and quickly return to a life driven by love 

Mother's Circle

Semi Private Group Coaching

3 Month Program 

Join me and 4 other like minded moms as we lift our perspectives and realign with our true power and purpose.  

  • 9 Group Sacred Sanity Sessions

  • Private Facebook Group for Accountability and Support 

Recovery Support

3 or 6 Month Program 

I would be honored to support you in any phase of sobriety. Let me teach you how to embody the transformational skills that have allowed me to stay alcohol free and thrive.  Inquire for more info.

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A session with Harli is like a yoga class for the soul. She is warm, wise, and encouraging, and has a passion for helping people uncover (or find their way back to) their true path. Honestly I never thought I would seek out a life coach, but meeting with Harli feels like getting advice from a deeply supportive and intuitive friend. Her gift is helping you to draw out your strengths and realize your purpose in a way that feels both organic and cathartic; you will leave feeling deeply seen, both by Harli and—most importantly—by yourself

Una L


Harli's coaching sessions feel so much like a breath of fresh air for your soul. After each session I felt a deep connection to myself and gained clarity about the kind of life I want to live. She helped me get there not by telling me what to do but by asking questions and going way deeper than I was expecting. Every step of the way she's there with you not preaching but on the journey alongside of you sharing her own journey as well.

Pam C


Harli’s mother’s circle is absolutely amazing.  She is so gifted - she listens and understands what is underneath every word, she finds the essence of every story.  Her focus on action steps makes this group practical and productive, and her deeper focus on uncovering blocks and finding a path to understanding the self makes it mystical and deeply felt by everyone… she is brilliant. Every single week I am blown away by her compassionate and intelligent guidance.  I hope this group lasts forever


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